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Future belongs to Professionals
Financial Services industry has seen tremendous growth in last few years. This growth has led to the birth of many advisors in the market space who are selling their products, like mutual fund advisors selling mutual fund, life insurance advisors selling life insurance policies and similarly other advisors who are selling various products of their companies. But there are rarely very few PROFESSIONALS in the financial advisory business.

When we say PROFESSIONALS we mean such advisors goes beyond offering products to their clients. They offer their advice aiming at providing complete financial solution which is unbiased & is in client’s interest.

A true Professional is a one who:

  • Takes out time to understand client and their goals:
    As all clients may not be in the similar stages of life so it becomes important for an advisor to understand their client needs and goals and then professionally recommend them an appropriate financial solution.

  • Recommends products as per client needs & risk appetite:
    An advisor should adopt a need based approach rather than a product oriented approach while giving a complete financial solution to a client. They should give their suggestions according to the clients needs & risk appetite.

  • Decides the asset allocation as per clients risk profile:
    An advisor while suggesting client a complete financial solution should keep in mind the clients risk profile and accordingly suggest an ideal asset allocation that perfectly fits into client needs.

  • Analyses Market condition and suggests preemptive measures:
    An Advisor should engage in active advisory thereby analyzing the market conditions on timely basis and then suggest certain measures which will help a client to accomplish his goals.

  • Ensures high level of service standards and makes investment an EXPERIENCE:
    As service support is the backbone of any business organization so it is critical for an advisor to properly service their clients. Thus by maintaining excellence in the service standards it will make investing a wonderful and fruitful experience for the clients. 

These qualities when coupled with knowledge based advice & up to date technology support distinguishes a professional advisor from a normal one.

Such advisors acts like a financial doctors who focuses on financial health of their clients & that is what client is expecting from an advisor.

So rightly put "Future belongs to Professionals".
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